thoughts   |    issue 011

I forget men's faces at the instant

I forget men’s faces 
at the instant

their eyes in shock,
their eyes contemplative,
their eyes twinkling with desire,
their eyes far away.

I forget a lot of details, a lot of things;

the sweetness they bring
the frustration from jealousy
the tears, also the boredom
the warmth and wetness
the emptiness after a rage

I forget their words, or their meanings
their promises, especially those on a page

I forget their faces,
at the instant, 
merged as one, 
along with their voices, their sounds
for a distance,

yet they still come

and it’s an endless
forgetfulness I am wont to apologize for

but I’m not sorry. I just forget.

 © 2018 by Ishka Mejia

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